Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | April 30, 2009

Lagniappe: Project Graduate – Less than 2 weeks to go!!!

When I was out of work at the end of the year, My spouse had the foresight to realize this one might be a while, so she and I agreed that we would bite the bullet and I would take my LAST 5 CLASSES this spring towards my Bachelor’s Degree.

Well now we are getting closer though no less easier, the final countdown has begun. The thing about Internet courses is they come in so many shapes and sizes from self-paced, to highly regimented.

Here are the remaining obstacles between me and a Degree (only 24 years in the making )

Marketing – Took my final yesterday ( need a 20/100 for a C, need a 64/100 for a B, NO A 😦

Geogology (Polution and Resources with a business perspective),- Took my final Monday ( class will probably be a B )

Management (Organizational Development) – One short paper ( need 4/50 for an A )

History ( Crime and Punishment in England, France, Germany, and US) – Take Final Exam Tomorrow (currently have a 98% in the class)

Human Resource Management (HR for a Competitive Advantage) – One group Project (due Next Tuesday); One more Exam (on 5/12); and one Quiz (today). So far I have a 95% in the class.

So this week has really been the big PUSH to finish up. It will definitely be something to have a degree, not sure what I really expected it to be, but at the same time, I guess I had resigned myself to never finishing.

So like my Chicago Blackhawks, it’s time to close the deal 🙂


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