Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | February 24, 2009

JOB SEARCH: Sigh!! The Beat Goes ON

Here is an actual response to from a Recruiter to a job I applied for.



Thank you for the interest. For this position the client is not willing to consider candidates who do not already have their Bachelors Degree, however they are targeting candidates who have their MBA or MS in Computer Science as well. We will certainly continue to keep you posted when new positions do become available that you may be interested in. Also, you may view all our positions on our website: Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns; I am in the office Monday through Friday 8AM – 5PM. Thank you again,


The funny thing is that in a seperate email I was the “EXACT” candidate they were looking for (well until they found out I don’t have a degree yet!)




  1. This is just one “NO” on your way to the one “YES”. Remember the purpose of a blog is to build your brand. A daily posting of your insights, happiness, or even the struggle (i.e., Mein Kampf) fills the bill. Remember Yoda and just lift that plane out of the swamp. It can be done. Unless you’re a fat old turkey like me! LOL.

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