Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | February 6, 2009

Web Sites: Is Execunet Worth the Price?

I had an email in my inbox from a really close friend last night asking if Execunet was worth the fee. This is someone I spend a lot of time with, so you can pretty much assume that I’ll give them the straight scoop as I see it. As such, I thought it would make a good SITE REVIEW.

Here is my response:

Overall, I think the investment has been worth it for me, but everyone’s experience will be different, because I think it relates to how you use the tools they give you.

Execunet doesn’t seem to have as many jobs as some of the others, but the jobs there tend to be real ones and the response rate for me has been much better than any other site I’ve dealt with. I’ve got an actual HUMAN RESPONSE (email or voicemail) from about 80% of the postings I’ve responded to. So though I only find 1 to 3 jobs a month that fit my specific needs, I have high confidence that they are “REAL”

I have used the direct networking components twice and both times ended up making extremely good contacts, but you do have to be able to reach out on your own.

At one time I was extremely active in the forums and have a couple of really strong network contacts from other parts of the country that I still have to this day. As a matter of fact, I met the “BIG TURKEY” on the Execunet forums, as well as some really good people who helped me with coping with being out as much as with my job search.

On a side note, I have asked Dave Opton (the CEO) for help on a couple of occasions and have found him to be really responsive and take a true customer first attitude. I’m sure Dave probably sighs every time he sees my name in his inbox.

For what it’s worth, Execunet is the only PAY site that I still have an active membership to at this time from a Job Board perspective.



  1. The Big Turkey agrees: “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. I only recommend Execunet to my fellow turkeys when they are at a point in their effort where it can be useful. Like the cherry on the sundae, if they haven’t done the hard work of creating a foundation, then they can’t make full use of it. As a general rule, turkey’s shouldn’t pay for anything without very careful consideration. Based on that standard, Execunet is a rare “beauty”. IMHO!

    Disclaimer: I only recommend some hourly resume help, Jibber Jobber, and Execunet. So, that’s how rare.

  2. First and on behalf of all of us at ExecuNet my thanks for your kind words as well as to Big Turkey John.

    I certainly agree with your telling your friend (and others) that at the end of the day, each of us has to define ROI for ourselves based on the criteria we each establish.

    It is also true that there are lots of sites with many more postings than an executive would see here and that, as you probably know from being a member, is by design.

    We are not only far more concerned with quality than we are with quantity but have no interest in scraping the net and posting positions that are widely available publicly.

    We are very comfortable in telling people that the positions posted here are not only “real” but they get read. The fact that those organizations who post are also members of ExecuNet simply helps to ensure this.

    In addition, and as you also know, most of us don’t land the next gig by responding to postings. In the case of our members, 70% tell us that when they make a change it came about as the result of networking which, of course, is why we invest the resources we do in trying to provide the knowledge as well as the ways and means for members to expand their personal and professional networks.

    It is also why were are not a job board but rather a private network made up of business leaders who believe that the right connections can produce extraordinary results in both their careers as well as their organizations.

    So, while we have been around now for 21 years, we have always worked as hard as we know how to help members understand that really effective networking is far more about “giving” than it is about “getting” and this is something that I know from my interactions with both you and John that both of you very much understand and practice.

    Thanks again, we will continue to try and merit your confidence.

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