Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | January 8, 2009

Jobsearch: Gearing up for the Interviews

Finally got a couple of interviews lined up.

I’m ready to go. One is on the phone, which though I understand is a neccessary evil, I’m still not a big fan of.

The other is in person at a restaurant, which is cool. I actually prefer meeting someone at a restaurant over going into the office. I used to do it a LOT when I was hiring. The first face-to-face is nice to have the distractions eliminated, and get to really talk about business issues. I also find the interviewer is much more likely to give you the ‘real’ scoop on a position when they aren’t in the office. Understanding the politics and needs is critical if your taking a leadership role or any role that will require you to make strategic and tactical decisions, and since the chances of the wall having ears are so much less, I think the interview gets to be more of a conversation about what you can do for a company than a recitation of your resume.


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