Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | January 8, 2009

Jobsearch: Applying for a Federal Gov’t Job (RANT)

After much discussion with my spouse, I decided that I should go ahead and apply for a couple of the Government jobs that are being discussed on all the Radio stations.

What a trip this was (and waste of time probably). The process for applying for a single job was somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 hours.

The real kicker is that is you want to apply for a more senior level position you also need to fill out these sections for the Senior Executive Service or some such nonsense.

As well as the amount of electronic bits and bites, the amount of paper that it requires is crazy. The process is ‘hinted’ at throughout, with reprimands all the way through that any missing document or information will result in your disqualification from consideration, but the instructions are so detailed and complicated that I am stunned anyone ever actually gets through the process.

Oh wait, I bet if someone was ‘connected’ they probably could get ‘walked’ through the process.

Ok, Rant over.


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