Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | August 15, 2008

Career: I should Practice what I Preach!!

Over the last two years, the lovable Turkey Master (OK, he’s not lovable, but I needed an adjective that I hadn’t used yet); has harped and harped about having your own domain and subsequently your own email address.

I likewise have on these very same pages acknowledged, begrudgingly, that he is right and true in his assessment for the many correct reasons that he cited and my only real argument against his reasoning was “It’s hard and it will take too much time!” Which isn’t a reason but an excuse.

Nevertheless, I still haven’t done it. And I almost swear he posts things sometimes just to poke fun at me.

But hey, recently I got as far as purchasing “said domain”; now I just need to set it up.

Anyway, as he is want to do, here is his little REAL LIFE story on someone else getting bit by not having their own domain.

Note the key to this story is that in most cases you lose an email address because of losing a JOB; but this one is different. Enjoy!

PRODUCTIVITY: Losing your email address!



  1. “Sighted” hmmm; is that like “cited”. Or maybe “sited”?

    Aint ingrish a vunderbar or fuuu language.

    the big fat old turkey hisself

    … soon to add “luvable” to his list of appellations.

    P.S.: Have you EVER BEEN to a turkey farm and smelled those “puppies”. Phew!

  2. Oh, Dang that spell checker.

    Kinda like the comedian who once said, “if you dial a phone number and miss only one digit shouldn’t you at least get someone who knows the person you were trying to call.”

    Spell checker should have fixed my lack of context. 🙂

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