Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | August 1, 2008

Career: Time to update the Job Search Collateral

When I started at G&R, now USFC, I made myself the commitment that one of my between assignment objectives would be to update and/or re-do all my job search collateral. It makes perfect sense in a number of ways.

1) I have to update my USFC collateral for approval from marketing, so I have to go thru the thought processes anyway.

2) In the event that USFC can’t place me and I spend to much time on the bench, I’m in ‘GO’ mode as soon as it gets dicey.

3) Transitions always gives you a little more free time than normal; so be productive.

So over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting a near daily log or updates with tips and tricks as well as learnings as I go thru this process.

Today is about creating the ‘To-do’ list: (Not in priority order, I’ll do that later)

1) Update Resumes and Contact/Networking Sheets

2) Update Reference Documents

3) Update Target companies list

4) Update UVP/USP

5) Review/Redo/Update Financial Contingency Plans

6) Contacts

a) CALL deep personal and personal contacts

b) Email/Notify Business Experience and Face-to-face contacts

c) update LinkedIn, Plaxo, etc for Casual/Technical contacts

7) Design/Order new Me, Inc. business cards (aarghhh! should have done this earlier, current one is bland and needs a picture and my blog address)

8) Plan Lunches, Golf, Networking meetings while back in Chicago. This was the toughest part for me with the Travel.

9) Plan “Kid’s Day” before school starts while I’m home.

10) Check/Update website subscriptions, search bots, etc.

11) Remember what I forgot and learn what I didn’t know; keep adding to list – DON’T BE COMPLACENT

12) Work from my “Things to do for the OUTED TURKEY” list because being on the bench is being OUTED with a PAYCHECK.

If I follow my list, then if I go to another assignment in two weeks, my ‘stuff’ will be updated, if I don’t then at least I’ll have a running start.


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