Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | July 18, 2008

Life: My Trips have become to Gadgety ??

Leaving for Hawaii tomorrow morning, less than 24 hours away.

I’m sitting here with an MP3 Player(spouses), a phone/MP3 player(mine), three cameras (mine, daughter’s, son’s), one camcorder (ours), an external harddrive (music and school files), laptop (mine), 2 Nintendo DS’s (son’s and daughter’s), and assorted cables and other stuff.

I now have an official electronics and cables backpack that goes with me on trips. And a laptop case – AAARRGHHH!!

Gotta bring the laptop – My final exam is when I’m in Hawaii online and I’ll never know if I have to use my slingbox (only works on my laptop for security reasons) to record or watch Son of Football Follies while I’m gone.

Laptop is basically worthless without the Pocket drive.

8 hour flight means kids need DS’s. OK, maybe not NEED, but helps my sanity.

Have to bring the camcorder ( we talked about not bringing it, but how do you not, it is Hawaii )

Two different makes of cameras mean two different cables.

My only saving grace is my laptop has 4 USB ports and an S-video port; at least I can multi-task.

I’m spending time as we speak putting cables, headphones(movies on the plane), and batteries into zip lock bags and labeling them. It’s easier than remembering that the white cable with the 8 pin is the Canon cameras, black cable with 6 pin is Panasonic, etc.

But, I guess at the end of the day. I’M FINALLY GOING TO HAWAII!!!!

What was I complaining about again?



  1. Please report the McDonalds’ Big Mac price. It was scandalous when Frau Reinke and I were there a grazillion years ago. I think the Big Mac was over six bucks then. But, back then, they used real beef and stuff. 🙂 Get home safe. And, “TRY” to relax and have fun! rofl. Sounds like your objective is to have video for your TV when you hit the nursing home. It should be to be IN the moment; not the movie.

  2. …. And they say that the end of technological advancement is to make life simpler. Huh?

  3. THanks for the comments. I am back from a great trip.

    And FJohn, the price of a Big Mac on the Big Island of Hawaii is $3.79 (sandwich only). I didn’t get to a McD’s in Oahu on purpose.

    Actually the food was much more reasonable than I expected; the exception is of course the resort where an adult breakfast buffet set you back $29 and a kids set you back $15.

  4. Hmm, wonder how they did that? Slice the “meat” thinner? We all know the dollar has depreciated. Ahh the wonder of modern American Socialism, they must have give all the execs a big raise and cut all the workers to part time. 🙂 That would save on the cost of benefits. And probably paid off the politicians with a campaign contribution to smooth out the little details? I’m POSITIVE a BigMac was SIX bucks when we where there on Oahu.

    Glad your home safe and being open-minded about change. Cause like it or not: Change Happens! It is easier to swallow if you’re open and smile! Frowning and whining only will make it hurt more.

  5. I think part of it is economics. There was a McD’s all over the place. Someone told me that they have about 700% more McD’s on the islands than they did even 5 years ago. I’m assuming that it is allowing the company to shave cost by being able to ship in quantity.

    I would also point out that they probably were fairly unique when you went and that now that they are ubiquitous, the novelty has worn off and they need to make their money on locals, not tourists.

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