Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | July 15, 2008

Life: For Your Kids to Be Kids – Not Miniature Adults

I don’t write many Rants on my blog, but today is an exception:

I read FJohn’s post first thing this morning and it struck a nerve (not his post, but the article). The Post was RANT: ’sassy’ – the toy industry’s euphemism for sexy

>>>My Comment:

As a parent of an 8 year old girl (and to some extent the 10 year old boy), my wife and I feel like this is an ‘ever-vigilant’ battle against the stores, the schools, the commercials, and even some of the other parents.

Our most particular of these is the “predator shorts” as we refer to them. You know the shorts that young girls where with wording on the rear end. Our high school cheerleaders have them as their warm ups, Tell me, what could be the possible use for these other than to get people to look at their rear ends. Needless to say our daughter does not wear them.

Look, I’m all for grown women or men wearing pretty much anything they want, and as such I have never questioned what any adult wears, but one of my concerns is that before we complain that their are more people out there trying to ‘assault’ our children, we need to learn to quit making them targets!!

Let the kids be Kids, Force your kids to be Kids, not miniature adults.

Sorry for the RANT

<<<End Comment

As the Article in FJohn’s post says, everyone is going to try to make the kids “Get Older Younger.” I think we need to fight this as long as we can. I want my children to have an innocent youth to look back on.



  1. Well having seen what some adults wear — the old and fat, as well as the ‘confused’ young adults — I’ll reserve the right to shake my head in despair over the state of some folk’s fashion sense. That, and to occasionally ask out loud ‘what’ is that girl, or in some cases guy, advertising for? I know that the TV shows all say things like “you can’t put the rape victim on trial”, but sometimes I just shake my head. In life’s negative lottery where one wins “bad things”, some costumes are just buying a ticket for a disaster. I’m glad that my RANT set off your rant. We need a national rant on this, and other topics. Certainly won’t find it in the traditional media. 🙂 fjohn

  2. I know you know that I have refused to by our daughter shorts and pants such as that. She is much too young and I do want to preserve her innocence as long as I can.

    However, I do not think it should ever be considered an excuse, or a reason, or an invitation to a predator. A predator is a disgusting slob that has no reason for being on earth and I do not think that what a child is wearing, or not wearing, makes any difference in the world to someone that disgusting.

    Now, I know you are a smart man and realize that already but, I just had to make that point.

  3. Wow! I’m not sure if I’m more surprised that you read my blog or that you actually commented on it.

    And yes, to make my point more clear. Predators are not created by what people wear, but if a predator is out and about; then it is encumbent upon parents to limit the exposure.

    If there are four little girls walking down the street and 3 are wearing extremely conservative clothes and 1 is wearing tight shorts and a halter top, the one is tight shorts and a halter is at a higher risk if simply for the fact that she will appear to be more receptive to the predators tricks and therefore move HIGHER on his target list.

    My comment was NOT about whether someone deserves or was ‘asking’ for it, because that is just wrong.

    Along the same lines as Red cars get more tickets than blue or green cars. Things that ‘draw’ attention also draw UNWANTED attention. That was my only point.

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