Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | July 11, 2008

Career: Oh to be young again!! (Well maybe not)

Got this on one of the networking boards I enjoy.


Hi everyone,

I’m a recent graduate as of May and I have been having a tough time
finding a job. One of the things I feel that I lack is experience,
but how can I get experience if no one is willing to take a chance.
If anyone knows of anyway on how I can get experience and/or
establish myself in the business world, please let me know!

Have a great day everyone!
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My Reply >>


I wish you luck. If you want to drop me a note offline, we can make
some time to talk in more detail. How to get experience will greatly
depend on your major, what you want to do, and your expectations.
Unfortunately there aren’t any quick fixes, but I (and a few of my
contacts) are always more than willing to help out the next
generation of young talent. We may all be working for you someday,
and maybe sooner than you think.

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Made me think, from both a positive and negative aspect what it would be like to enter the market as a youngster these days.

They are faced with challenges that my generation never had. Heck, I wasn’t even a Computer Science major and I had offers before I graduated. Companies literally littered the campuses with work opportunities if you knew how to “log on.” Something tells me those days are over, and the youth of today are going to have to be a lot more flexible and motivated than in the past.

I personally think it’s going to cause the gap between those that “succeed” and those that just “survive” become even wider.

Now, some of the positives. I am willing to state that I don’t think they will take their jobs, savings, and ‘personal’ networks nearly for granted as we did.

We may not like everything facebook, youtube, and all the other social networking sites have become, but they have taught the concepts of a broad, yet targeted network to a new generation in a fundamental way that we couldn’t have through text books.


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