Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | July 9, 2008

Reading: “Spare Change” by Robert B. Parker (Disappointing)

Being out last week gave me some time to catch up on my leisure reading. So I finished a couple of books and started a third.

The first of these books was Robert B. Parker’s “Spare Change.”

I give the book a ‘disappointing’ rating.

Spare Change is the latest edition in the Sunny Randall series by Parker who created and wrote the “Spenser” series. The “Sunny” series doesn’t seem to have quite the biting humor as “Spenser” and doesn’t have nearly the creative character types such as Hawk or Spenser’s other associates from the wrong side of the tracks.

In “Spare Change”, Sunny is brought in to help her father, a retired police investigator, solve a chain of serial murders that were dormant for 20 years and have recently restarted. While the expansion of Sunny’s father’s character even further in this book helps the movement of the overall series, the book just lacks something. The book has it’s good moments and I would guess it adds more to the character development of a number of characters; but the story needs something more to make it good.

I shouldn’t complain. Parker is great for a quick read, it doesn’t pretend to get into the depth of a Baldacci novel, or the complexity that you can get out of a Deaver novel, or the mystical you can find in Iris Johansen novel.

******** Rating System **********************

Must Read = Anyone who enjoys reading should read the book (rarely used)

Must Read in Genre = If you like the Author or the Genre, you should read this book.

Good = Met expectations but not considered special in any way.

Disappointing = I expected more than I got. Overall the book lacks something fundamental to being enjoyable.

Putrid = Reserved for the rare instances that I can’t even finish a book because I just can’t invest myself in it.



  1. Thanks for the review as I was considering reading this soon. I am not surprised it got a disappointing review though, since some of Parkers novels feel the same way to me. It is true that they provide a quick read but sometimes I find myself desiring more when I’m finished them.

    Now I know that I can save it til I have nothing better on my list.

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