Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | June 30, 2008

Life: Well I get to work from home this week – UNFORTUNATELY

Had a nice weekend in Door County with friends, but on the way home, I started having a progressively worsening earache.

Figuring it was an ear infection and having experienced the Ear Infection on Airplanes feeling, I decided a trip to the Doctor was in order prior to flying to New York.

Well, the ear isn’t infected, yet. But at this point I hope it is an Ear infection.

I was diagnosed in my teens with Meniere’s Syndrome which is a group of symptoms that include Vertigo. Basically I have avoided roller coasters and snorkeling for 20 years or so and that has been pretty much the worst of it.

Well, bad news, fluid on the ear, good news, no infection. Sooooo, it could be I caught the ear infection before full bloom or the beginnings of full blown Meniere’s attack. The Nurse Practitioner said that my frequent plane trips could have kicked up the Meniere’s, so now I am GROUNDED until we can run a full schedule of treatments.

Learned a few things today about Meniere’s. One it is degenerative, but some people never ‘degenerate’ to a significant degree. It’s called a Syndrome because it has many symptoms, but it’s not really a disease. There is no test for it, they test everything else and if they find nothing but fluid in the ear, you got it.

So, I’ll be working from home this week, but not for the reason I wanted to. If I’m not blogging, I may be laying in bed. When I had the attack as a teen, I was so dizzy and sick, I stayed in bed for 3 days and couldn’t even watch TV, much less read or type.

Hey, that might be why I shot a 106 on the golf course Saturday. My buddy W said I was falling off the ball when I swung, maybe I was just pre-dizzy!!! 🙂


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