Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | June 20, 2008

Music: “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay

Released on June 17th, “Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends” by Coldplay is a very solid album.

Viva La Vida

The album won’t make you change your mind about Coldplay, if you didn’t like them before, I don’t know if you’ll like them now. But likewise if you are a fan, you won’t be disappointed.

Overall the album is just smooth, may sound funny to say that about a Brit Rock band, but that is the best way to describe it. Solid transitions between slightly different genre swings.

I especially like “Cemeteries of London” as an almost mystical type of song with strong background vocal and harmonies.

“Lovers in Japan” may have broken new ground in not only giving the feeling of it being two songs appended together, but maybe even two songs from different genres.

“Viva la Vida” is the second single released and has the potential to be a chart topper. One of the unique things about it is that like “Violet Hill” you can understand enough of the lyrics for the angst of the song to shine through.

As a person who prefers lyrics over beats, I like music to tell me stories, even if they are meaningless; I’ve never been able to put Coldplay in that top pantheon of artist on my rotation, but something about this album just grabs me. I’ve actually listened to it 4 times start to finish since I got my copy from Rhapsody on Wednesday.

The pre-released “Violet Hill” hit the Top 40, and according to reports the album is going to be one of the fastest selling albums in history of the UK.


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