Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | June 17, 2008

Career Development: If You Lay with Snakes…

I have a friend I spoke with this weekend that worked for a major consulting firm. This company is well respected and highly successful, but can occasionally be known as a company that will focus intently on “billable hours” even to the detriment of other things.

This individual has worked for them as a ‘staff’ member for almost a decade.

For his dedication and commitment to the company he got his severance last week by FEDEX. Yes, FEDEX, no calls, no emails, no discussions about his situation or anything. It’s also funny to note that they sent the package on Friday (2 day) to tell him Monday was his last day, but it wasn’t delivered until Tuesday. Ironically he said he left calls to support and others on Monday because his email wasn’t working, and they told him that they were “working on getting it taken care of.”

The actuality of being laid off from the bench in itself was not a surprise as he has had a higher than normal bench time over the last year and all consultants know bench time leads to termination, but the manner in which it was done makes you remember how much of a reptilian industry consulting can be.

It just keeps reminding me of the old saying, “If you lay with snakes, expect that you will eventually be bitten!”


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