Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | June 11, 2008

Networking: An Old Friend, A New Business, and a UVP?

Got a call from an old friend and business acquaintance last night. Seems he is in the middle of starting a new business and wanted to discuss my “thoughts” on what they had.

Ok, asking me for my “thoughts” is equivalent to picking up “War and Peace”; its a dangerous proposition.

Anyway, we spent several hours talking about the new business, then catching up on family and old mutual acquaintances.

The one thing that I left with was that though I think his business has a lot of potential, he needs to work on the Unique Value Proposition. After he explained everything he and his partner could deliver, my thoughts are that he can definitely find a few market segments that would be able to meet the price points and could get a true value out of the product, but it has to be more easily “sold.”

As a self admitted technician, he can definitely talk the bits and bytes with anyone and can probably sell to hardcore IT guys, but our conversation was that he needs to sell to owners, partners, and executives. They are NOT going to give him the time to get there like a friend will.

I did offer to help him try to work the complicated technical benefits down to a UVP that can be hit on in under 3 to 5 minutes, because that all he is going to get to make an impact. I think it will be good practice for me.

Also, it was great to see the network humming along a little. Seems like it has been a while since I’ve heard from anyone from the ‘good ole days’; but our conversation reminded me of at least 4 people that I need to reach out to to see what they are up to.


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