Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | June 10, 2008

Life: What a great weekend

Wow, this was a very busy but happy weekend in our household. It also accounts for the lack of postings.

On Friday, we had a our yearly Parent/Team soccer games. The 10 year old boys beat the parents 6 to 5. This was the first year we didn’t use any “parent” rules to handicap the game and they just flat out beat us.

The 8 year old girls came back from 3 goals down to win in the last minute against the parents.

My daughter also celebrated her 8th birthday on Friday.

Saturday included the last soccer games of the season and the trophy presentations, followed by a “bridging ceremony” for my daughter with girl scouts/brownies. Later that night we had a tornado within about 15 miles of our house.

Sunday was my daughters birthday party with family and we grilled and played Ladder Golf while dodging the raindrops.

Monday (yesterday) was also a big day. We were informed that my son made the Club soccer team (“B” or “lower level” team); and then we found out that 2 of the kids I coached in the house league also made the “B” team for the club. I also got official word that I was promoted at work (and we got our raises); and finally one of my favorite baseball players hit NUMBER 600!! Way to go Junior!!

And Today, Tuesday, is the 13th anniversary of my marriage to the most wonderful wife and mother anywhere.

I am a truly blessed man. Weekends like this make you appreciate all that is good in life. It also makes you appreciate a good nights sleep.


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