Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | May 29, 2008

Lagniappe: Institutionalizing Non-Courteous Behavior (Wrigley Field)

Went to the Cubs/Dodgers game at Wrigley Field with the family for Memorial Day.

In the 3rd inning, I left to get the kids a hot dog and cotton candy. Upon my return, I along with several other people stood pressed against the wall of the tunnel waiting for the end of the inning to go back to our seats.

Then it happened, Dodgers had 1st and 3rd, two outs, Cubs leading 2-1, the drama was high (OK, as high as it could be in the top of the 4th).

Mr. Usher walks up to the group of 7 people and says, “go to your seats, you can’t stand here in the tunnel.”

One of the older gentlemen standing with us replied, “We’re waiting for the end of the inning so we don’t bother people trying to watch the game.”

The Usher then said, “This isn’t hockey, go to your seats, it doesn’t matter what the situation is.”

The older gentlemen, his companion, and I instead went back down the tunnel until we heard the cheers, then went to our seats.

This just irks me to no end. I know it drives me crazy to have someone walk in front of me at a pivotal point in a game (even Baseball), so I don’t want to be that guy myself. I resent the fact that an usher was instructing people who wanted to show respect for other people, who likewise paid $160/four tickets for upper deck to a Cubs game, that the game doesn’t matter as much as “traffic flow.”

I am “Grateful” that my children weren’t with me, as in this day and age, we find it more and more difficult to “teach them” courtesy for others.



  1. Unfortunately, this is becoming a persistent problem wherever you go. Thankfully families like yours are teaching their children proper manners and courteous behavior, so all is not lost.

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