Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | May 26, 2008

Lagniappe: Western Digital Pocket Drive 320GB

Needed more disk space, was down to the last 10% of my hard drive (bad, bad), due to the music and pictures I lug about. I wanted something that was small enough to carry with me daily.

From the local Best Buy I picked up a WD Passport Portable 320GB USB 2.0 – WDXMS3200TN

Life saver, it is about he size of a blackberry, easy to use like a thumb drive. Performance is excellent (I did about 20gb transfer in 25 minutes). list it for $159, I spent a little less because I caught it on sale.

Well worth the money if you need to move 1/3 of a Terabyte around with you and travel frequently.

Drive comes with optional “Backup” software, but I chose to just use it as an external drive, though I am debating buying two more to backup my home machine and laptop so I can drop it in our Safe Deposit box as an offsite backup.


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