Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | May 22, 2008

Music: “3 Doors Down” by 3 Doors Down

I’ll start this by admitting a bias.

I would recommend this album if for nothing other than so everyone can listen to “Citizen/Soldier” on a regular basis. The song which has been taken as the unofficial anthem of the National Guard reminds us that 99% of the Young Men and Women who serve in the Guard and Reserves do it as an HONOR and OBLIGATION to a country that they believe in, and that when the “National Guard” is used as a political punchline, it is doing a disservice and dishonor to every one of these individuals. And yes, I served in the Louisiana National Guard for over 5 years and though I never saw combat, I was mobilized for 2 hurricanes and a number of other civil emergencies while my college mates were enjoying “Hurricane Parties.” Please remember these lyrics when you go to bed!

“Citizen Soldiers holding the light for the ones that we guide from the dark of despair. Standing on guard for the ones that we shelter, we’ll always be ready, because we will always be there!”

Now on to the album review:

3 Doors down defies a particular genre as they can be post-grunge, light- metal, rock, or pop depending on the music. Rhapsody defines them as post-grunge, so I guess you could go there if you felt the need to classify them.

The first Track “Train” definitely shows their metal side as they start with a lot of guitar distortion inclusive of a pretty good guitar solo. My first thought about the song is that it would make a really good song for “Guitar Hero.”

The third track “It’s Not My Time” has already peaked at number 1 on Billboard’s Hot Mainstream Tracks and has been on the charts for 13 weeks. The Number 1 ranking was 3 Doors Down’s first since 2002 for a single.

“Give it to Me” is also a very good rock song.

If I had to pick another song that would get on the charts, my prediction would be “These Days” which comes off as a more traditional rock ballad. Another possibility is “Your Arms Feel Like Home” which is an even more mainstream ballad that is well done.

With its driving guitar sound, “Feet In The Water” is my favorite song on the album, the song ends with the last notes just fading out for a full 45 seconds at the end, which leads to a pretty cool and unique ending.

Feet In The Water by 3 Doors Down

The final track, “Who Are You” is just back to metal, so the album manages to go out the way it came in, with a bang. Nice symmetry.


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