Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | May 20, 2008

Web Sites: One Hour Review (

If you’re like me, you just don’t have time to really review web sites to determine if they can add value to your daily activities. I generally give new sites about an hour to determine the value. This is a review along those lines.

The intro email gives this as the description:


You can use Flickr to:

Organize your photos in a meaningful way –

Share your photos and stay in touch with your friends and family –

Form a group for a wedding, reunion and event

Find beautiful, cool or intriguing photos and videos

And much, much more!


Sign up took about 15 seconds thanks to the Yahoo login interface.

Uploading files were easy, just pick load pictures from the home page and then pick the files off of your hard drive. Interface is very basic, gives an update bar and list of files being uploaded. Percentage complete shows in the toolbar of windows as well as the tab in Explorer thus allowing you to determine progress while working on other applications (say your blog entry).

Putting files into “collections” and “sets” were equally easy and the interface is somewhat intuitive.

Pictures can be given one of 3 security levels (public, friends, or family) and thus should meet most of your privacy requirements.

My only real concerns are that if your emails aren’t stored in Yahoo or Hotmail, it appears you would have to re-key them ( again I did a one hour review ) so I figure that will take some time to add.

For a FREE service, I overall think it is a very good site and will continue to play with it to put up some pictures.

PS – WordPress does have a Flickr widget that was easy to turn on so it’s up on the site.


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