Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | May 15, 2008

Music: “Fast Lane Addiction” – Shannon Curfman

During my time off, I have spent some time looking and finding some new music to add to my library.

One of the albums I am glad to have found is a modern blues album by Shannon Curfman.

The Title track “Fast Lane Addiction” immediately gives you a glimpse into the gritty, guitar laced sound that she can produce and is on display throughout the album.

The second song “Do Me” has a crossover Country to Pop sound that utilizes her excellent vocal range and features a 15 second guitar solo at the 2 1/2 minute mark.

The only minor complaint I have is trying to find out how “Can’t Let You Go” got on this album. It’s not a bad song, and Shannon’s voice definitely makes it an interesting single, but it seems misplaced as a much softer, traditional ballad among the much more gritty sound of the rest of the album.

If you like the blues guitar sound, you won’t be disappointed, but to me the most impressive part of the whole album is her ability to make every song sound fresh regardless of it being your first listen or the third repeat in a row.

PS – Shannon is only 22 and will turn 23 on July 31 according to her myspace page. An incredibly talent that I hope we hear from often.

You can find 4 of her songs including Fast Lane Addiction and Do Me at the Shannon Curfman Myspace Page


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