Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | September 28, 2007

Life: My Life List

Ok, I’m finally getting around to it.

I’m sure everyone is familiar with it, but a life list is basically a checklist of things you want to do or places to visit before you die. Mine are of course in progress and in no particular order:

  • See my children Graduate college
  • Finish my Bachelor’s Degree (Maybe get a MBA)
  • Go to the College World Series
  • See the 8 States I haven’t been to yet
  • Go to Europe (especially Ireland and England)
  • Go to Australia and New Zealand
  • See the Saints win a SuperBowl (ok I’m dreaming)
  • See the Cubs win a World Series (now I’m on hallucinagens )
  • Quit SMOKING for GOOD!!
  • Run a 1/2 marathon (did one in college, the goal is really to get back into that shape)
  • Golf Pebble Beach
  • Do a Father/Son or Father/Daughter Irish Golf Tour Vacation
  • Become conversant in at least one foreign language
  • Drive a race car ( like at the Richard Petty Experience )
  • Finish going to all the MLB ballparks
  • See College Football in the following stadiums: Ohio State, Georgia, Florida “the Swamp”, Colorado, The Rose Bowl. (Note I’ve been to quite a few other traditional stadiums already)
  • See Mount Rushmore
  • See the Great Wall of China
  • Take my wife back to Tortola for a second honeymoon
  • Pray in Vatican City
  • Walk my daughter down the aisle ( not for a long time I hope )
  • Publish a book (or two)
  • Take a Alaskan Cruise
  • Take a paddlewheel boat down the Mississippi River


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