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Networking: Blog-A-View: Gary Nelson

I could say I’ve known Gary Nelson for a dozen years and technically that would be true. But, honesty requires me to qualify that. Gary and I met a dozen or so years ago through a mutual friend KD. A few months ago, KD had lunch with Gary and took the liberty of “Re-introducing” us. In the last few months, I’ve had the pleasure of having a number of discussions with Gary both on a professional and personal level and am very sorry that I didn’t take more time to get to know him better the first time we met. Gary has proven to be insightful, funny, and above all has shown the kind of integrity that I like in people. I’m even willing to look past the fact that he is a recruiter (err, Account Executive)! JK.

Actually the next time you are absolutely convinced that all Recruiters are “predators”, come back and read this blog-a-view. If everyone we met in our careers had Gary’s integrity, we would all be better off. So on to the questions.

Networking Interview Blog for “Connecting the World One Beverage at a Time”

Name: Gary Nelson

Title: Account Executive

Company: Interactive Business Systems

Now the good stuff:

Are you an active networker, if so, what types of networking or networking forums are you most active in?

I am on LinkedIn, LinkedIn Chicago and Link to Chicago.

I was active in Ecademy for a while but did not see it as beneficial as I had hoped.

However, through Ecademy, I reconnected to some previous contacts and, I met some great local people.

What is the best Networking Story you can share?

I really wish I had one to share, I think I will have to come back to this some time in the future.

How would you describe your networking style?

Probably fits and starts. I get really caught up in my efforts here at IBS: Staffing, Permanent Placements and Projects. During a lull I will go back to the networking groups to see what is going on. However, I do utilize and keep in touch with some in these groups because I may have something for them or them for me.

Who is the one person (dead or alive) you’d most like to have a “BEVERAGE” with? Why?

Jesus, enough said.

Who is the “Best Networker” you’ve ever met? Why?

Over the years before all of these groups came into existence the best networker to me has been KD. KD has a similar background to me: Recruiting and Account Management and we have worked together twice at companies and have collaborated on other opportunities over the years. He has consistently kept in touch over the years via phone and occasional meetings.

What are your “Passions”?

You do not have enough room here for me to talk about my family……

Main passion other than faith and family is putting people together.

I have been putting people together for years for fee and free.

Most Recent good book you’ve read?

Enjoyed reading “The Secret” recently.

What type of people would you like to connect with?

I have a plethora of candidate connections, what I need is an equal amount of serious hiring connections.

Do you blog? Is so Blog name?

Not at this time.

Favorite 3 websites/blog addresses:

Besides yours?

I most often go to The Ladders, LinkedIn, CIO, and of course,

Give yourself or your company a free plug? What makes you or it special?

One advantage of being around for a while is that I can relate to almost anyone with any background. I have been in Food Brokerage, Insurance, IT Recruiting, Resume Evaluating and more. I am a lifelong Chicagoan and have probably been down every street in the city.

I love meeting people especially positive people. That is why I so enjoy representing IBS.

IBS is a global technology consulting firm providing innovative IT solutions that help clients excel in their markets and improve their operations.

Our multi-dimensional approach to solving clients’ unique business and IT challenges ranges from fully outsourced or co-managed solutions to strategic IT staffing. We deliver onsite, offsite or through our blended shore model, and employ a wide range of resources across technology specialties, roles and skill sets. We are driven to provide strategic value to our clients by incorporating technical and economic advantages in our solutions.

Established in 1981, IBS is a proven, dependable, collaborative partner. IBS has offices nationally, in the U.K. and India. IBS is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Thanks for your time.





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