Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | May 17, 2007

Career Development: Role of Video in Resume and Personal Branding.

One of my favorite reads is Dan Schawbel over at the Personal Branding blog:

Dan recently published an article in UK Online Recruitment Magazine about the evolution of resumes to video. See the link for the article

As usual, he made me think. I’m not quite ready to ‘jump’ into these waters with both feet, but I do think it has value as a tool.

Here are his steps:

>>> Begin Quote:

What you can do now

1. Prepare your traditional resume
2. Use that resume as a guideline or outline for your pitch
3. Combine your appearance, personality and brainstorm your differentiator
4. Purchase or leverage video equipment
5. Video your complete core message and save it
6. Submit it to someone in your network for reviewing
7. Send it to a prospective employer

End Quote <<<

I like the approach, but I don’t think I’m ready to start sending it off to other individuals yet. What I do think I will do is steps 1 thru 5, then review it myself and practice my “elevator” speech and the way I present myself. I think it could have enormous value in an internal tool to help you gain confidence in your UVP, USP, and Elevator Speech. Then Rinse Repeat as often as necessary.

I’m not saying that Mr. Schawbel’s approach is wrong, he is definitely more experienced in Personal Branding with me, just not sure if I’m comfortable going the ‘distance’ with it yet.


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