Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | May 4, 2007

Lagniappe: Why would you do something that adds no value?

Another Paul Harvey story from AM 890 Chicago.

Paul Harvey had a story that basically said the AMA or some other such board has announced that wearing face-masks to prevent the flu offered NO benefit, but they still recommend you do it.

 Huh?  What did I miss, why would you do something with “no value”?  I may have to use my “copious” spare time to try to find more on this subject.

This drives me absolutely insane!  Why would you do anything that has NO benefit, especially if you would have to drive to the store(time and money), buy face-masks(money), put them on(inconvenience), then dispose of them(my garbage man doesn’t have enough to lift already?).  All of this so you can were a masks that won’t even lower your chances of catching the flu and will probably make the person your visiting feel like a leper.


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