Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | May 4, 2007

Career Development: 5 Reason to Say “NO” to a job offer! – Maybe/Maybe Not?

 Hmmmm!!  Extremely well written argument, but for once, I want to go against the grain ( OK, I do it more than once. ) – The article (if you click it) will tell you all the reasons NOT to go for these reasons, I’m going to tell you why you might want to “re-consider” based on your situation.  And PS – the article does “soften” some of these as well.

Here they are:

1) The word on “The Street”  –  First, if you didn’t know that “The Street” means Wall Street, go to bullet number 2.  So what if their stock price is tanking, so what if they are in Chapter 11, you should say no right? right? – Not so, understand the situation, is it a bad business model (run away), is it part of a “market adjustment” (keep digging), is the problem “fixable”, what position are you taking?  A great CEO/CFO/CIO can save a  company faster than you can blink.  I do agree with the article on get a CONTRACT if this situation exists and you can.

2) A revolving “Employee’s Only” door.  Yeah, everyone who has talent is leaving, maybe management has changed, maybe it just is bad pay!  Well, pick your spots, companies that stay in business adjust to these and all companies go through “High Turnover” periods, it’s a function of literally hundreds of factors.  I worked in a company that had a workforce of 65% “first time jobbers”,  but in the other 35% there was almost NO turnover (under 5%).  In the current day environment of LinkedIN, and Blogging, there is NO REASON on earth you shouldn’t be able to find someone who worked there in the past or present.  Understand the reasons, not just the numbers.

3) Money isn’t everything, It’s the only thing.  – Ahh I can’t believe they actually included this.  I would do just about anything within my ethics and morals for a year and a half if it meant “walk-away” money.  But seriously, do you really think any job ONLY has MONEY to offer.  You can turn “mucking pig slop” into “Food Supply Chain Management with Agricultural Experience.” Yes that was an exaggeration, but be honest, every job has benefits other than the money even if it’s just learning how to present yourself as a leader amid chaos.

4) All work, no life.  – Again, oversimplification.  Yes, I personally have turned down job offers or considered walking away (see current situation) from a job because it interfered with my family life, but at points in your career: say your young and single, say your kids just left home, say you just go divorced, it may be just what the doctor ( or Big Canary) ordered.

5) A bad reputation.  Oh my! the old “bad reputation” wrap.  Today’s beauty queens were yesterdays “ugly ducklings” and vice-verse.  SOMEONE had to change the way of doing things.  I only have a couple of pieces of advice on this one.  Learn everything you can about WHY.  Try to figure out WHAT you can do about it if you accept.  Try to determine WHEN you can walk away if it doesn’t improve. Oh, and by the way, if your a hiring manager do you “REALLY” hold what happened at Arthur Anderson against “all” the auditors there when your hiring?

 My last word on this is follow the article’s advice, but use some common sense as well.  In this day an age of “Comers” and “Goers” in Corporate America, it’s way to easy to “black list” or “white list” companies.

One real world example, where I may be learning from experience.  Had a target company, liked them a lot.  BANG!!! Big management changes, heard lots of BADDD things, saw some BAD things, “Black-listed” them (wrote them off, period).  Recently (1 year after write off). Company put knew management in place, seems to be headed in right direction, hiring my “EXACT” dream job, got resume in too late because I had “Wrote” them off.  Opportunity went “Poof” and I didn’t even get to see the fire, just got the last smell of smoke!


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