Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | April 24, 2007

Life: White Board Sayings Explained – Number 3

“When you get to the fork in the road – take it.” –  Yogi Berra

 One of my favorite and often misunderstood sayings.  I actually read a book about Yogi Berra’s sayings and found out the real story behind this famous line.  Yogi Berra’s house as a youth was at the end of a long road, during the road, you came to a fork. Both ends of the fork actually met again shortly before his home so technically he was correct.  You could take either fork and end up at the same place.

 Over the years, I’ve used this saying on my white board a number of times.  It’s proven to be a great reminder to me and hopefully my staff that the only way you will never get to your goal is by not making a decision.  No decision is always the right decision, and sometimes wrong decisions lead you to the right place, just like right decisions can still result in failure or as I prefer to tell my kids, “a learning experience.”

Thru the years, I’ve often informed my managers that I would “Never” fire a person for “a” bad decision.  A number of bad decisions could be a sign of a flawed decision making process, but that is a little bit of a digression from the point.  The “ONE” thingthat would result in my wrath was “NOT’ making a decision.  You have to take the information at hand, apply sound logic to it, seek council if necessary, then make a decision(plan) and start to make it happen.  You can always adjust plans as new information becomes available, but business is about Momentum, you need to keep momentum moving forward all the time even if it isn’t directly at your target.

So when confronted with a choice, make a decision, move forward with it, “correct or celebrate” the results, and learn from your decision process. 

Tweak the process, not the decision.


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