Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | April 18, 2007

Networking: Non-Traditional Networking – Part 3

I love people, so there are parts of networking that I really like, hence the title of this blog. Since no one gave me a definitive rulebook on Networking, I decided I could create my own rules.  No promises they are new, just that I think they aren’t always thought of.

This is Part 3 of a ?? Part Series on Non-Traditional Networking Ideas:

**** Odd Man In *******

This method is one that is much harder to convince yourself to try than it is to actually do.  Basically all “Odd Man In” means is to allow yourself to go to places or participate in things that might be out of your comfort zone.

One such example of Odd Man In is described in this post: Golfing and Networking

Another such example would be to join a softball, bowling, etc league as a single.  Most of these leagues will take a single name and allow you to sign-up, they will then match you with a team that may have less members than required for the league.

But you don’t have to go that far out on the limb to be the “Odd Man In”, just consider how many parties, weddings and other events you have passed on because you may not know “anyone” there. 

I have a current example of this. A guy I’ve worked with for years is getting married later this spring.  He gave some names to his Best Man for the bachelor’s party and the best man sent out the invites.  I realized I only knew 1 other person out of the 20 invited.  In the past, I might have declined and rationalized it with something like, they will all know each other so I’ll be the invite that sticks out like a sore thumb.  But, I plan to go to this one.  Not only is it the right thing to do for a friend, but I’m thinking I may get to meet some people that I find interesting along the way.

Remember the next time you get an invitation to that event where your first thought is “I don’t know anybody!”, change it to “Cool, I don’t know anybody”, then go, be yourself, and see what happens.


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