Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | April 16, 2007

Movies: Meet the Robinsons

Sunday in the Theater:

Animated Children’s movie based on a young boy who is an orphan and a would be inventor.

 Excellent Kids fair, I give it an A-.  It’s not quite Happy Feet or Hoodwinked, which both get an A+ in my book.  Happy Feet if for the music only, Hoodwinked because it’s just funny regardless of Age.

But the movie meets my criteria for a Kids movie. It’s funny enough that Adults will get some laughs and never have the feeling that they just want it over. And the children stay riveted and quiet throughout.  An overall interesting storyline focused around a time machine, a few pieces of “near” adult humor mixed in (not Hoodwinked quality humor, but pretty good), and a values lesson to boot give the movie some kick.  Adults will probably predict the end about half way through, but it still is fun the way they get there.

I did HATE the fact that it was preceeded by another mind numbing “Mickey the Mouse Cartoon” – PS I hate Mickey!


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