Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | April 13, 2007

Life: White Board Sayings Explained

In a new series of posts, I want to take an opportunity to document saying’s that I have posted on my white board over the years.  I have always had a White Board in my office and I for years have posted a “thought” or “saying” on my white board, some are just reminders, some are conversation starters, others have a profound meaning to how people have influenced my life.

I will give each saying and put a story behind it, keep in mind these stories are generally reflective of my humble experiences.  I hope you learn a little about me in the process, but more than anything I hope you gain some insights or “think some thoughts” that you may not have otherwise had. Enjoy!

Not all of the White Board Sayings Explained will be from Famous People, but all of them are attributed to the original author or I will use unknown.  I apologize in advance for any improper attributions or misrepresentations.


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