Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | April 9, 2007

Movies: The 10 Commandments

The spouse and I used the long weekend to watch The 10 Commandments again ( well it was actually her first time sitting and watching it completely ).  A couple of things struck me while watching it:

1) It’s a great movie, period.  It is very well done, very dramatic, and for the time it was made pretty good special effects.

2) You need to have a background in history to “understand” parts of the movie, it makes a number or “leaps of knowledge” that aren’t in the movie, you have to have a least a basic understanding of the history, region, and politics to get the real basis for some of the scenes.

3) It’s a commitment to watch it, the movie is never “boring”, but it is 4+ hours and it isn’t something you can casually have on in the background if you want to enjoy it.  We did it in two different sittings.

4) Yul Brynner rocks, he was absolutely phenomenal and his potrayal of the Pharoah Ramses may be one of the best acting jobs I think I have ever seen.

5) The details in the movie are incredible, I’m not talking about the special effects, I’m talking about the little things, like the donkey sitting down when they flee from Egypt, like the details (sections) on the plating when they were building the golden calf.


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