Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | April 6, 2007

Career Development: Reinventing Yourself – Career Change

Lately it seems that I’m always hearing or talking about Re-inventing Yourself.  Earlier I did a post about my Meyers-Briggs Personality Type and that according to it I was in the wrong line of work.  I often take steps (baby steps) toward my re-invention whether it is for a career change or just change.  Repeat after me, “Change is GOOD!”

To that end, Dave Opton, CEO at Execunet recently commented on Peter  Weddles’ ( recent newsletter on the “3 P’s to Career Change”

Begin quote>>

The degree to which people these days, are changing not just jobs but careers has been something that we have been hearing about from ExecuNet members for quite a while. Time was when any executive thinking about doing something like this would have been considered a candidate for the out patient mental health provision of their medical plan. Not so any longer. 

<<End Quote

I commented>>

I would take it a step further, in today’s economy and change induced by both technology and multinational-ism, I would think that an executive who isn’t at least thinking about making a career change as a part of their “self-review” is the one who should be considered as a candidate for the mental health provisions.

<<End Comment 

I didn’t understand it 10 years ago when my mentor used to tell me, “Lane, Re-invent yourself often, never assume tomorrow resembles today in any way.”  I do now, and though I may not change careers (though that Wedding Planner thing is looking good!), I still think I need to work better at the 3 P’s.

 Thanks Peter, Thanks Dave – you guys gave me even more to think about!! 



  1. May I call your attention to this “gem”:

    *** begin quote ***

    But now I am taking a lesson from the 7 P’s myself. Part of my problem is my fault. I should have planned my career path better and gotten away from my current manager. He is constantly telling me things will change and I will get my chance, but he has never followed through on those words. That’s all changing. I am planning out my future. I will no longer let people like him inhibit my career growth. I am taking control of my future. And it all started with 7 words. Never forget the 7 P’s; they can change your life.

    *** end quote ***

    While one can’t plan for random events, after all one could win the lottery, one has to play the odds. I don’t recommend the lottery as a strategy, but just like “you have to be in it to win it”, you MUST position yourself to “catch a break”. Like the performer, who spends a lifetime perfecting their art, gets acclaimed as as “overnight success”. Reinventing, prior planning, or just doing the extras in your craft are all needed to put oneself in position to be “swept along” by the dangerous winds of change. Cause we KNOW that change, like poop, happens!

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