Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | April 5, 2007

Networking: Non-Traditional Networking – Part 1

I love people, so there are parts of networking that I really like, hence the title of this blog. Since no one gave me a definitive rulebook on Networking, I decided I could create my own rules.  No promises they are new, just that I think they aren’t always thought of.

This is Part 1 of a ?? Part Series on Non-Traditional Networking Ideas:

Create a CLUB!! 

 You heard me, create your own club.  I currently have 2 that I started. 

There is the Boys Night Out Club ( affectionately referred to as BNO ) that meets on the Last Friday of every month at the same time at the same bar and grill.  We have done it for 16 months and we generally have at least 5 guys and sometimes we get as many as 8 to 10.  The Club was made up by the Dads from our Daycare.  Now, there is only one rule: If you ask us to change the day, time, or location we shoot you.  That is because the mom’s take 2 weeks every month to figure out where and when they are going to do GNO.  We sit on the same barstools as much out of Husbandly Defiance as any other reason, but it works.  We have Bus Dev guys, Tradesmen, IT guys, and at least 2 scientists ( one works on processes to keep transplant organs alive longer outside of the body, but that is it’s on creepy post for the future ).  Anyway, you don’t have to be a Dad, or have a kid in our daycare to attend, you just have to have a sense of humor and a desire to hang out.  Oh, and a way to find the same Barstool once a month.

Then there is the NEW CLUB as someone called it the other day.  That is my “Schaumburg Social Networking” meetings that I am trying to get off the ground.  It is explained here.

That’s about it for Part 1.  Go out and create your own club, its good for you.  If you create your own club, the one thing I found out is people will come.  At least I hope they keep coming.  Who knows what club I’ll try to create next!

PS – Logistical advice – the simpler it is, the more popular it is! 



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