Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | April 5, 2007

Career Development: Interviewing and Landing – An unintended experiment

I’m in the mist of an interesting opportunity.  Recently I fielded this post from a seeker.

Begin Quote >>>

I’ve been on the market for close to a year. Got good number of interviews but no luck in securing anything. Things are definitely slow now…not many great opportunities. I’ve business and IT management(customer relationship management)/project management experience. I have the qualifications but pretty unlucky in landing anything at all.

<<< End Quote

 Well after the Master Turkey finished scaring him to death, I stepped in.  Anyway after a few emails, a “for what it’s worth” resume review, and a long phone call.  We pretty much ruled out the resume as the problem because he was getting interviews.  He even got several callbacks, but couldn’t land an offer.

 I can’t figure it out, he speaks clearly, seems to have good grasp of the technical skills (we’re in the same field), claims he doesn’t have 3 eyes or strange alien growths, and if he handles himself with interviewers the way he does with me, he should be golden.


Thru no help from me ( he was already in the system ), he has made it to the FINAL INTERVIEW with MY COMPANY.  More importantly, his interview is with MY BOSS.

So of course I gave him as much help as I could with my boss (see above, speaks clearly, good grasp, blah, blah, blah ).  I also called and gave him my boss’s like and dislikes (don’t tell her that).  But I now have a win-win situation.  If he gets the job, then interview problem temporarily solved.  If he doesn’t, I get to grill my boss about what he did wrong!!

 Promise to keep you updated!


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