Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | April 4, 2007

Networking: Are You a Turkey?

You’ve seen his  Blog (, now check out his website. 

I want to introduce you to the Turkey Master – F.John Reinke!

Go to and click on the My Projects tab and visit the Turkey Farm – it’s worth the effort.

Begin Quote *****


The Big Turkey has a lots of thoughts and I needed some place to collect these “thinkings”. Public postings roll off and thoughts are only as good as the way they are captured. So this web site is to be a place where these can  reside without fear of loss.

** Doctrine — why are we turkeys — thinking about thinking — how do I value things — how will I measure success or failure.

 Updated  07 Oct 06
Copyright 2006 Ferdinand J. Reinke All Rights Reserved.

****** End Quote

Simply put, one of the best and most practical networkers out there.  He can be overwhelming, but he is never afraid to get his hands dirty or give the “hard” practical advice that job seekers need.

 Did I mention he also does it for FREE!!!!




  1. Thanks, Lane, pointing out what I am doing wrong. “For Free”! How could have I forgotten the invoices? That’s why my “help” is in demand.

    Seriously, I have learned so much from “helping” that I often question who was “helping” whom. One thing I have learned is that “you’re only sure of the last check that cleared the bank”. If that doesn’t scare one of your readers as much as it does me, then we just identified another potential turkey for the “farm”.

    Wait till they see the axe up close and personal, then they will finally understand what we’re “gobbling’ about.

    Thanks again for the kind words. (Your check is in the mail!)

    fjohn, the big old turkey hisself

    p.s., Now I’ll probably get a bunch more Chicago Turkeys in my rolodex!

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