Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | April 3, 2007

Life: Who do you Trust?

Last night the wife and I were having a very deep discussion ( happens occasionally ) about Life, Kids, etc.  Part of the conversation turned to reviewing some decisions about some important parts of our life.  It led us to this topic, Who do you Trust?

I’m not talking about passively trusting someone to pick you up a loaf or bread, or to make sure that a project gets done on time, or even feeding the pet when your on vacation; I’m talking about raising your children and taking care of the life insurance money; I’m talking handling a significant amount of money in cash for you; and I’m talking about literally someone who has your life decisions ( medical power of attorney ) trust.  I’m not talking having a key to your house to check on it, I’m talking having the keys to your most valuable assets (family and health).

 Our conclusion was that we were extremely lucky, we have a number of people in all walks of life from each other, to family, to friends who are like family.  For very obvious reasons, the list should be kept private, but what I really think is the important part of this is it should be part of your “inventory” that you should take every so often.

So if you haven’t created one yet, make sure you get it done, it’s better to know in advance who those people are.


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