Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | April 3, 2007

Networking: What are you doing for Lunch Friday?

Made a call to an old friend and former co-worker this week because I needed a favor.  He of course ( because he rocks! ) said yes before I finished asking.  While I was on the phone we started to catch up, but then we just decided to do lunch on Friday.

 I’m looking forward to it, but it did remind me of an old “white board saying” that I had on my white board for years in the very top corner.  It said “What are you doing for Lunch on Friday?” – It was my little reminder to ask someone on my staff ( direct or in-direct report ) to go to lunch with me every Friday I was in the office.

My former boss also had another thing he did that was similar, he scheduled an hour on all of his direct reports calender recurring on thursday mornings.  All it said was “call a customer!”  His intention was for us to pick a customer at random and call them to just see how things were going.  We then had to give a verbal summary of our calls during our monthly status meetings.  PS – You couldn’t call the same person more than once every six months.

Two ideas to hopefully add value to your day!!


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