Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | April 3, 2007

Life: I was there!!! – Sporting Events/Milestones

I was idling in traffic at the local Starbucks today when I started to make a list.  I have a friend who graduated from Georgetown and was lucky enough to go to the Final Four, so I started to think about what was some of the Sporting Events that I was there for in person.  Oh the list may not be impressive, but what makes it special is it’s my list.  What’s yours?

Mine, in no particular order:

1)  The night they Opened the New Ballpark in Arlington ( Texas Rangers )

2) The last game in the old Arlington Stadium (Texas Rangers )

3) My first MLB game, where Julio Franco hit a solo homerun and if I remember correctly  Ben McDonald lost 1-0 to Kevin Brown ( Orioles vs Rangers )

4) Tiger stadium ( LSU, LSU, LSU ) – my first LSU game, blowout win over Kentucky, but my friend’s car ( we were in high school ) overheated in traffic and we just pushed it over a curb into someone’s front yard and the cops just laughed at us as we left it and walked the last mile to the stadium.

5) Travis Mayes becoming the all-time leading scorer in Texas Longhorn basketball History.

6) Brian Downing ( Rangers ) getting his 2,000 hit

7) The Robin Ventura (White Sox) vs Nolan Ryan (Rangers) brawl at Arlington Stadium

8) The NCAA Tourny first and Second Round in Tucson during Tim Duncan’s last year when he dominated.

9) The little school of Towson State scaring Oklahoma to death in the first round before fading in the second half ( it was at the University of Texas and I have never heard any crowd so loud as when Towson took the lead with 15 or 16 minutes left )

10) Sitting on the glass (thanks to a friend ) for Wayne Gretzky’s last game in Chicago against the Blackhawks.

11) My first New Orleans Saints game in the Superdome, They lost ( surprised?), we were sitting so high in the terrace that the gondola screen was obstructed view, but I was about 14 and couldn’t believe I was in the same building as Archie Manning, Wes Chandler, and Tommy Myers.  Go Saints!!

12) Taking my wife ( from Buffalo ) to her first LSU Tiger Football game where we tailgated, she learned a lot about Louisiana, and Eddie Kennison caught an incredible 60+ yard touchdown.

13) Going to the Big House, not a Michigan Fan, but what an experience, we got 4th row tickets from and sat thru a 1 1/2 hours lightning delay, but that building and that crowd is what’s best about college football.

14) My first game at Wrigley Field – can’t remember anything about the game other than it was a day game (of course) and though I was in my 20’s, I literally thought I could feel the ghost of Tinkers to Evers to Chance, and stood in the stands and closed my eyes watching the Babe call his shot.  For those of you who aren’t baseball fans, you probably won’t get this one.  Link to the poem about them –

15) Maybe the most heartwarming of them all.  Going to Minnesota to see the Saints/Vikings during the Katrina Year.  I wore my Saints gear and I got offered a drink and a handshake by everyone in Minnesota that day, or at least it felt like it.  I simply will never forget it!!!!  Sounds silly, but it transcended a football game.



  1. WE were there via the airwaves…Jelly Jones…nuff said!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, been a long time sense I thought about those days!! LOL – Radio in one hand, phone in the other.

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