Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | April 2, 2007

Career Development: Resume Advice

I had a person who was referred to me by a “TRUSTED NETWORKER” to look over his resume/CV and give him some tips/hints.  Basically it was just a read the resume and brain dump.

 I wanted to post my reply here:


I only have one “major or minor” recommendation, you make the call.I like this bullet:

********Integral in developing the business plan and securing Angel funding for the company*********

Because it didn’t just tell me what you did it told me you were SUCCESSFUL

On the other hand, I give this one a 6 out of 10

**********Performed CIO and COO duties in the early stages, and co-managed company finances********

Mainly because if I’m a CEO, I don’t know you did it well, I just know you did it.  I know it may sound minor, but I got this feedback from a CEO at a fairly large company.  In an interview he said, “So I see you managed a staff of 60 with a total operating budget of $5Million, that nice, but – the guy who works for me now manages a staff that’s larger and a larger budget, but he stinks at it.  Don’t tell me what you did; tell me how you did it and if it was successful!!!!”So IMHO, I like the fact that you have a lot of experience, and I can make the ASSUMPTION that you did it fairly well based on career progression, etc.; BUT, don’t make me make that assumption.  Add a few words like successfully before managed.

Also, give me some $ signs and Numbers somewhere in there if you don’t have them (again I’m working on your web CV and Linked In Bio), but I know of two executive recruiters who search all resumes for $$ signs or Numeric before they even will read them.  If your shooting for a CTO/CIO gig there is better than a 50% chance you are going to end up interviewing with a CFO, those guy “dig” numbers, it needs to jump out at them.



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