Posted by: G. Lane Cavalier | March 29, 2007

Networking: Golfing and Networking

From a post I put up on Execunet:

No this is not a plug I’m not affiliated with EZLinks, but last year a few friends and I found a new way to grow our network.

We started to book times as a single or twosome at EZLinks. For those of you who aren’t familiar they sell discount tee-times up to eight days in advance.

Here is how we turned it into networking.
We always looked for times that had only twosome or singles available, we then booked the time.

Two very positive things came out of this.

1) We got to play golf for a discount rate

2) we were almost guaranteed to be golfing in a foursome with people we had never met before. This had a number of advantages.
Quite a few people take Fridays off to golf ( so we made that our day of choice ) – most of these people were employed
These people live or work geographically close to you (hence probably means their company is somewhere within commuting distance)
You already have at least One thing in common – GOLF
THe MOST common question after – what’s your handicap? is What do you do?

Now for our self-defined EZLINKS Networking Etiquate:

1) go there to golf – that’s what the people your meeting are there to do, so don’t bring a resume ( do bring a contact card šŸ™‚
2) never openly solicit a job ( remember you just met these people )
3) Act like your at a business outing ( no cursing, off color jokes, etc. )
4) Be yourself and be friendly ( hopefully those are not mutually exclusive )
5) If invited or if appropriate invite them for a drink after in the clubhouse
6) Also don’t worry if your just starting or like me have a slice that makes a banana look straight (as I remember the Golf Digest Article over 80% of golfers will never break 100 without cheating anyway! ) – think of this as “people don’t judge you if you fail, they judge HOW you handle failure; a sense of humor works well on the golf course

After those general rules, your on your own, but tell me the last time you had a guaranteed 3 hours to make an impression on someone!

In the last two years, I’ve played golf with university professors, CEO’s, CFO’s, high school kids (hey they have dad’s), managers, janitors, school bus drivers, and once out of pure chance an old boss!!




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